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LEO's Psychic Profile

Psychic Background:

Leo is an inspirational Medium, Clairvoyant and Psychic. He is a healer, Clairsentient and works with spirit. Leo trained for eight years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London, taking part in Psychic development circles. He has the skill and knowledge dating back over the years in sittings, teaching development and working on platform. His first platform experience was at Plaistow Church in east London. His guide told him to go to the service because the Medium that night would not be able to make it. Since then, he has taken part in successful platform demonstrations at churches ranging far and wide throughout England and Wales.

Leo runs a very successful development circle in London. As a development teacher he has worked to bring out these gifts in others and has been blessed with seeing others blossom and able to give evidence for themselves. "I have been most fortunate to always have had contact with spirit and my earliest memory was at age two, when I saw my first 'ghost'. During my formative years, I was blessed with many varied experiences from materialisations of different kinds, astral projections, light and heavy trance, overshadowing, prophecy and near death experiences.”

"My main aim is to help others develop their spiritual paths. I am committed in giving you accurate readings and dealing with all subjects with the utmost sensitivity." Leo can help with relationship issues, spiritual matters, career, money, self–development and afterlife questions.

Leo has written poetry, books and spiritual messages by automatic writing. Some of his poems have been published in two compilation books. These are 'The Spirit Writes' and 'Joy of Peace' published by Tudor press. His book, Summerland, is available in Amazon.


Leo is available for Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Medium, Spirit Guides Readings and Dream Interpretation Readings.

When to connect with Leo

Sunday, 24 Feb

Not available

Monday, 25 Feb

10am to 12pm

Tuesday, 26 Feb

Not available

Wednesday, 27 Feb

Not available

Thursday, 28 Feb

11pm to 1am

Friday, 01 Mar

12pm to 4pm

Saturday, 02 Mar

Not available

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Twenty-minute Psychic Reading: £34.00

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Calls recorded and charged at £1.53 per minute + network charges, Age 18+

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3D Book

Buy My Book
Summerland is a completely channelled work about passing, life on the planes, spirit possession, mediumship and many other related topics.

Read More

3D Book


by Leo Bonomo

Paperback from £8.99
Publisher: Leo Bonomo
ISBN-10: 1898680647
ISBN-13: 978-1898680642

Buy Kindle, EPub and PDF Versions

Summerland is a most unusual book. It is written by spirit, those whom we may call Guardian Angels, and has been written specifically as a NOVEL. This is the very first time this has been done. It has been written as a Novel for a special purpose. So that this simple story of life, the change (Death) and our eternal existence may be told. Its aim is to express the fact that there is more to us than some of us would like to acknowledge. But it is something that more and more of us are beginning to believe in and understand. Man has an inherent knowledge that something else exists, A God or Creator whichever name we give it. Our Guardian Angels wrote it this way so that our children may also learn of God from a source that complements what most people believe, that there is a Creator, A God, that there is hope and for most, Peace after the change. Our Guardian Angels do not want to change your minds, you have freewill. They just want to make you aware, so that you may make more informed choices about the way you live this life.

Summerland explores what happens and why. It shows through its simple story what form life in the next world takes; Have you have ever wondered what it was like to die? Or perhaps how Mediums work? What it is like in the spirit world? What is Karma & how it works? What are the real unfailing laws pertaining to us? The laws we cannot ever cheat. The laws of Cause & Effect. What is the real retribution for evil doing? Have you ever wondered also about what it might be like to be born? What is a reason for cot deaths? Perhaps even why we are here at all? How & why people become taken over, Possessed by other spirits? Why is there so much evil in this world today? A journey we shall all take at some point, Not only the journey of a life-time… But a journey of an existence… So many dream of “living forever” Not understanding that we do… In worlds so far removed and beautiful than we can ever imagine…